Animal Control

Pet Licenses

It is required by City Ordinance that every dog and cat older than four months living within city limits be registered with the Town of Van Horn. A current rabies vaccination must be provided in order to receive the pet license.

Get Your Pet Tag

A pet tag is your pet’s ticket home if they get lost. The tag allow us to get in contact with owners quickly and get them home. Your pet’s tag is valid for 1 year and the fee must be paid annually. If your dog or cat is found without a city tag, you will get fined, and possibly ticketed, so stop by City Hall and get your pet their new tag today!


It is required by City Ordinance that every dog and cat that is old enough to require the pet license be vaccinated against rabies. They must be re-vaccinated every year.

Rabies Clinic

A Rabies Clinic is held twice a year in the spring and fall. Dates will be posted as they become available. The veterinarian that comes is as follows:

Dr. Orlando Garza
East El Paso Animal Hospital
3370 Wedgwood Drive
El Paso, TX 79925
Phone: 915 593-1712


Microchipping is now available for $25 per animal. It can be done by an animal control officer at City Hall. Call to set up an appointment, or get your animal microchipped during a Rabies Clinic held by the City. 

File a Complaint/Report a Concern

If you need to file a report for an animal running at large, excessive barking, maltreatment, a biting incident, or other animal complaint, please contact City Hall at 432-283-2050. The City will coordinate with its Animal Control department to address the concern. 

Animal Surrender 

Our Animal Control department offers animal surrendering . Contact the City at 432-283-2050 to coordinate. 

Animal Control Fees

Pet License: $5

Initial Pound Fee-without Pet License: $75.00

Initial Pound Fee-with Pet License-Repeat Offender: $50.00

Pound Fee (Daily): $10.00

Quarantine Fee (Confined at home): $10.00

Euthanasia/Surrender Fee ($5.00 Each Additional): $15.00

Microchipping: $25.00